Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets OmahaWhat kind of kitchen cabinets to choose is one of the first decisions to be made when planning to remodel your kitchen. Today’s on-the-run style of living most likely means a near constant flow of traffic in your home. The kind and number of kitchen cabinets you decide to include in your plan will dramatically affect the way your family will utilize your new space.

The Perfect SolutionBecause kitchen cabinets are often the first thing you and your guests will notice when entering your newly designed room the way they look will set the tone for the overall feel of your renovated area. Hidden or invisible storage space and easy access to dishes and food items are among the most requested elements of a new set of cabinets. Our interior design team is specially educated to help you create the perfect solution for your home and family.

Since our job is to help you design and install your cabinetry we can tell you for certain that remodeling a kitchen may increase the overall value of your home by up to 40 percent! The kitchen cabinets you choose will play a huge role in providing first impressions and the overall perception of your house. The most popular kitchen style in the country is an open design that affords access to your eating area and the part of your home your family uses most for entertainment, homework and even a home office.

Our Cabinetry is ExclusiveOne of the most significant differences between us and every other renovation specialist is our exclusive relationship with an elite group of the finest cabinet craftsmen in the nation. Our relationships with StarMark and Grandview allows us to offer a variety of designs, textures and colors available exclusively to our clients. Among the most requested woods for new kitchen cabinets include:

  • Cherry
  • Mahogany
  • Walnut
  • Birch
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Ash
  • Pine
  • Alder

Lighter wood colors will most often give your kitchen an open and airy feel while maintaining the finest quality available anywhere and are most often preferred for smaller rooms. Darker wood choices will give your cabinets the look and feel of elegance and rich tradition while making your space feel warm and secure. Each type of wood available in our incredible catalog of possibilities will be designed to your exacting specifications and created by the finest craftsmen in the nation.

Finishing Your Cabinets

Once the frame of your cabinets have been built and the design finalized the final options and specialty finishes will be applied to ensure you’re receiving a one of a kind set of cabinets. Your material will be stained, varnished and colored specifically to fit your taste and preference. There are literally hundreds of designs, texture and color combinations from which to choose. Our interior designers are committed to working with you to ensure your kitchen cabinets are perfect right down to the last detail.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry


Choosing the type and shade of wood along with the custom design that will adorn the doors is only part of selecting your new kitchen cabinets. The countertops you choose are just as important as the kind of wood. Among the most requested material for countertops are Granite, Corian, Marble, Concrete, Ceramic Title and Silestone. Every countertop is made to order and designed especially to fit your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting

When you commit to the construction and installation of a new set of cabinets, you’ll also need to choose the kind of lighting to put in your new area. The days of having a single light in the middle of your kitchen ceiling are gone. Since most homeowners spend at least 20 hours a week in the kitchen, lighting is more important than ever. Our kitchen design team loves to include recessed lights in the ceiling and under cabinet lighting to help with preparing meals on the countertops. We may also suggest lighting inside your cabinets if you’ve selected glass doors. In-cabinet lighting is designed to accent dishes and other beautiful items inside of your cabinets.

No matter what design you choose, we guarantee your satisfaction with our design and installation service. You will also take great pride in knowing you helped design and create you new cabinets. We’ll put our promise of performance in writing to make sure you’re 100 percent happy with the final product. No one offers better service or finer quality than we do!

We specialize in creating custom kitchen cabinets in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Columbus, and all surrounding areas.

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