Cabinet Design

Cabinet Design OmahaThe primary benefit of custom cabinet design is that it allows your storage to align perfectly with your needs. Each home had a unique layout which can lead to problems when choosing store-brand stock cabinetry. Awkward gaps between cabinets and major appliances are a trap for dirt and unreachable items that can get trapped in between. With custom cabinets, you can enjoy a tight, almost seamless fit.

Whether designing for your kitchen, bathroom or even storage for a basement, we take careful measurements of the space to ensure a great fit. We will also discuss with you how the cabinets will be used because what you store in them makes a big difference! There are dozens of different types of cabinets out there that house drawers, shelving, lazy Susans and more. What you plan to store will determine what cabinet choices we will suggest.

Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet designs can make or break a kitchen. They play an integral role in the layout of the kitchen and thus how it functions every day. Stock cabinetry only allows for certain configurations on major appliances within the square footage. This layout does not always make the “work triangle” a possibility. This triangular layout, used by designers for decades, places the refrigerator, range and sink within a few steps of one another. This gives a cook or entertainer an easy route for maneuvering through the kitchen. With custom cabinetry, you can place your appliances wherever you chose and design the cabinets around them.

The cabinet designs we come up with will be based on what your family needs to store. Bulk shopping has become a popular trend, so more and more families need large pantry spaces. Others need less storage for bulk and more for fresh produce. There are specially designed produce drawers that work effortlessly into the layout, leaving you with easy access to your fruits and veggies.

For cooks and bakers, there’s an endless supply of kitchen gadgets that are hard to live without. But cutting boards and cookie sheets are always hard to store and end up taking up counter space. Instead of dealing with an awkward gap, our suppliers can design a tall, narrow cabinet to utilize that space. It will give you a place for anything too long for the average shelf or drawer. If you have a lot of pots and pans, we can create deep drawers with dividers for the lids. Whatever your need, there is a solution.

Cabinet Design

Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinet designs for bathrooms typically are a smaller scale project than a kitchen, but they are no less important. More home buyers are searching for luxurious bathrooms with ample storage. And in bathrooms with a small amount of square footage, every inch counts. We can help you find the perfect solutions with single and double vanities and standalone options.

Bath Vanities – Whether you choose a single or double vanity, we will ensure that it comes equipped with the drawers and shelves you need. Not all bathrooms are big enough for a double vanity, but if yours is, we highly recommend it. Not only does it add incredible convenience to your routine, it is also a huge bonus to home buyers and adds value. With an abundance of choices in wood, countertops and finishes, our cabinet designs have you in mind down to the last wood dowel.

Standalone storage – When it is possible, standalone storage is an excellent choice for bathroom cabinet designs. It can allow for larger items like toilet brushes and plungers that you would rather keep out of sight. It also provides a great space for towels and linens away from the possibility of spills and stains.

Our SuppliersWe have exclusive relationships with manufacturers like:

  • StarMark Cabinetry
  • Grandview Products Company, Inc.

These relationships let us deliver the widest selection in high-end custom cabinets. Each of them offers an assortment of woods, countertops and finishes that will help showcase your unique style. We provide an in-home consultation and free estimate on cabinet designs in order to help you make a decision you are confident in. Call us today to take advantage of our relationship with some of the finest cabinet manufacturers in the country.

We do cabinet design in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Columbus and surrounding areas.

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