Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling OmahaWith a little planning and a dash of creativity bathroom remodeling can do wonders for your home and family. We can help you create and refresh your bathroom with a feel and look, guaranteed to improve function and style while giving you a fresh place to renew your work weary soul. One of the nice things about updating a bathroom is cost. While a complete kitchen remodel can cost as much as you want to spend a complete bathroom makeover can be done all at once or a little at a time to keep costs at a minimum. If you already have a budget and are prepared to go all in, you can transform your existing space into a room to relax and renew in just a few days.

Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

For a brand new start, we’ll demolish the old bathroom. With a fresh slate to work on, we’ll help you create your bathroom remodeling project with a brand new footprint by adding valuable storage space, replacing every fixture and reconfiguring your bath area. Our interior design professionals will help you choose from a grand variety of bathroom vanities, sinks, showers, bathtubs, faucets, flooring and lighting.

Since many bathroom remodeling jobs are smaller in size, we place a premium on planning so we can maximize the use of every inch of existing space. If you’re among the fortunate homeowners with a large bathroom space, we may even have the luxury of creating a separate sitting area where you can relax in a quiet and peaceful setting. We will guide you through our beautiful catalog filled with everything you could ever want in bathroom remodeling. Let our expertise benefit your family by leaving you with the most relaxing room in your home.

The Perfect BathroomWhile every bathroom in your home should reflect your taste and style, we find the most requested bathroom remodeling projects are for the master bath area of a home. The first advantage is the larger size of the space and the elements available to suit your ideas. By the time you get to us, chances are you’re had the opportunity to visit a showroom or two, scan through pictures and videos on the internet and perhaps even visit a friends house to get a feel for the available choices. Many people come to us with a clear picture in their head of what they want but no idea how to get there. We’ll guide you through to your dream bathroom. You’ll need to make decisions about:

Bathroom Remodeling

  • Style - Traditional, modern, contemporary or something completely from your own imagination.
  • Cabinetry - Darker, finished woods will give you a warm and elegant feel, while lighter hues will set a brighter mood and offer the feel of a larger space.
  • Color and texture - If you’ve decided on tile for your shower and wet area, you may consider using the same color and style on the floor and a shallow backsplash.
  • Fixtures - With energy efficiency as your guide, you’ll find a staggering variety of faucets and showerheads to deliver both style and function.
  • Sinks and toilets - As a matter of taste and preference of décor, sink styles abound in both single and multiple use varieties. Low-flow toilets are available in virtually every style and color and will provide quality function while keeping your energy bill to a minimum.
  • Create a Theme - Simplicity is often the better part of any design. Taking care to keep your appliances, fixtures and textures in sync will most often result in a clean and elegant appearance.

Our professional installation teams are steady, thorough and focused on using every square inch available to give you a beautiful and functional bathroom. The cabinetry we install is exclusive to our customers and every piece, hand crafted and made to your specific needs. You’ll find the relationships we have with our suppliers of cabinets, hardware and appliances to be of great value and selection. Helping you create the bathroom remodeling project of your dreams is our absolute pride and joy!

We provide bathroom remodeling in Omaha, Lincoln, Columbus, Norfolk and surrounding areas.

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