Basement Remodeling

Basement Remodeling OmahaBasement Remodeling isn’t really that much different from another room or a floor of your home. Successful basement remodeling begins with a thorough investigation by a professional.

Beware of the Dangers of MoldGoing through the room using your sense of smell and a bright light to identify any type of moisture, leakage or mold is an absolute must. The worst thing you can do is ignore the presence of black mold. It’s not only a toxic substance that can and will spread without intervention, it’s an outright physical danger to the health of your entire family. Make absolutely certain the first step you take in basement remodeling is to be sure there is no black mold of any kind. Only then will it be safe to begin the project that will expand the living space within your home.

Basic Basement Remodeling Elements

Since basements come in all shapes and sizes, there are several decisions to be made before the first hammer swings and the insulation is installed. While you may have ideas about how to make your basement remodeling project fit your family, we encourage you to consult with our interior design team to discover a few of the possibilities you may not have included in your own plan. Our experts are fully educated in every aspect of interior design and have access, not only to our past projects but to the incredible variety of possibilities known only to the pros that have chosen interior design and creative style as their every day passion. Among the most basic design elements of any basement remodeling include:

  • Opening the stairway into the room
  • Framing additional rooms within the existing space
  • Drywall and insulation
  • A high quality ventilation system that may include heating and cooling
  • Adding a flooring material that will best suit your needs and tastes
  • Electrical wiring for everything from wall sockets to overhead lighting
  • Built-in areas for family entertainment or shelving for books or other displays
  • Paint and finishing materials to complete the makeover

Adding Value to Your HomeWhile the average cost for basement remodeling can be upwards of $10,000, most realtors will give you the good news that a basement finished well may add as much as $30,000 to the overall value of your home. So, in addition to giving your family an entire additional floor to live in, maximizing the space in your basement is likely to make your home worth more in the event you ever put it on the market.

Basement RemodelDos and Don’tsA great way to view your basement upgrade is to weigh the possibilities of future use. Keeping a room this size flexible and easy to change can be a real plus for you or the next buyer of your home. Try to maximize space and storage but keep the details to a minimum. Simple, inexpensive but attractive are the primary elements to consider.

Nothing But QualityOnce you’ve settled on a plan for your basement remodeling project, keep in mind you can make the room warm and pleasant using drywall, insulation, paint and lighting. And thanks to our talented team of professionals and relationship with the finest cabinet makers in the world, your basement can easily include furniture style cabinetry. These high quality designs are built with the same quality craftsmanship as every other cabinet we commission. The only difference is, they’re easily installed and just as easily removed and set up in another room or even another home.

Whether you envision a family rumpus room, a man cave or a home office area with style, we can help you create the basement you’ll never again consider an unfinished room downstairs. Our professionals stand ready and waiting to help make your dream basement a reality. When you call us for help, you get the people who live to see every possibility.

We provide basement remodeling in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Columbus and nearby areas.

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