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Basement Finishing OmahaBasement finishing seems to many homeowners like a project they can take on themselves. But in reality, it can be a very involved and complex process. In order for a job as large as this to go successfully and on budget, every aspect must be planned ahead of time. That is our specialty. We take the stress out of remodeling and leave you with a new space your family will love.

The Design ProcessThe first step in basement finishing is an in-home consultation. The easiest way for us to understand what you want in the space that you have is to walk through it with you. We will take measurements of the area and listen to what you want to see in the finished room. From there, we’ll create a floor plan. This will dictate how every inch of space will be used.

Popular Layouts and PurposesThe greatest advantage of our basement finishing service is that we tailor the area specifically to your family. While many homeowners take the traditional route and do a large open family room, others find creative ways to house their hobbies.

Home Gym or Theater – If your family thrives on getting fit or watching films together, there are plenty of ways to turn your basement into a place to bond. A home gym benefits from special flooring like bamboo or cork that has extra give to support joint health. It can also include floor to ceiling mirrors with stretching bars, mounted fans and televisions. Some people even go so far as to create a small locker room for changing, showering and soaking in a hot tub to relax the muscles. Your budget and imagination are the only limits.

A home theater can incorporate all the magic of a public cinema into the privacy of your basement. We can install stadium seating so everyone in the family has the best seat in the house. Custom cabinetry provides storage for your video and sound equipment, along with your collection of movies. You may choose to create a bar area to stock with drinks and snacks during show time and a bathroom for brief interruptions.

Finished BasementIn-Law Suites – An in-law suite is one of the most popular basement finishing projects, and it is one of the best valued investments. Most suites consist of a private bedroom and adjoining bathroom, a living space and a kitchenette. Choosing this option gives a guest, or a family member who moves in with you, ample privacy during their stay. Depending on the type of basement you have, we might even be able to create a private entry so the area can be rented out.

Down to the DetailsOnce we have determined how the space will be used and what the layout will be, we can go through and choose all the materials. There is a huge world out there filled with different flooring, paint colors, cabinets and more. The details can seem like the most daunting part of the task. With our experience and guidance, we can help make this part of basement finishing fun.

We will start by finding out which materials are a must. If you plan to have a kitchenette or bathroom, you might want a marble or granite countertop. While this is a pricey option, we can almost always find ways to save money in other places to accommodate your choices. Basement finishing can be a rewarding experience in the hands of an expert home remodeler.

Once we have made all the selections for the finishes, the remodeling process will begin. We understand it can be absolutely unnerving to have strangers in your home. But through precise planning and streamlined management, our team will be able to complete the job quickly and with minimal disruption. Contact us today for a free estimate and in-home consultation. You will quickly discover we are respectful of your space and highly professional.

We perform basement finishing in Omaha, Lincoln, Norfolk, Columbus and surrounding areas.

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